And then the sky’s opened up

I love my a/c.  I am older now and not as green as I would like to be, because I run it often. I can’t stand being hot or uncomfortable.  But there’s is a downside.  At night with the a/c on it my room, I don’t hear the rain and it’s been raining.  Who doesn’t like to hear a pit pat of rain or a heavy downpour.  It makes us realize how small we are. 

It didn’t rain here for weeks.  My plants were dying, my garden looked like a desert and then it just opened up and hasn’t stopped.  It’s been heavy and misty.  It’s provided water for the plants and the birds are playing in my birdbath.  It’s rinsed my car of the evidence of birds! But it hasn’t cooled off. 

So in honor of the rain this mama, made today PJ day in our house.  We are all wearing PJs and enjoying the rain and the dreary and reading, cleaning, writing,napping, playing, snacking all the great things you would feel guilty about doing in the summer if it wasn’t a beautiful rainy day. 

There is nothing quite like the smile on my kids faces when I announce a PJ day!


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