24 hour recharge

Yesterday was a leisurely Saturday, something I haven’t had in awhile.  I got up and got the family breakfast (too hot to cook), we went to tae kwon do, the farmers market & BJ’s.  We spent time as a family and enjoyed each others company, we weren’t in a rush we had no where to be at any certain time.  At night I went to church.  Very few people were at church, but it was still enjoyable.  A great sermon on Martha and Mary and wondering where our priorities lie.  Last night we had an excellent dinner with my 2 best friends and their families, great Mexican food in a great environment, then we went to my friends 100 year old farmhouse and the girls sat on the porch and chatted and the boys sat out back.  I had to laugh at this, because these days, that’s how our socializing ends up.  I always thought it was funny on America’s castles were they would talk about the men’s drawing room and the ladies.  Thinking how odd that after dinner they seperated, but I see why.  There is something about being totally relaxed with your best friends and just chatting, being honest, being open, laughing like crazy.  And it was a beautiful night.  Then today I had some filing and organizing and cleaning and I was running about and I just stopped (mainly to sit by the a/c) but also to watch my kids,  they are so fun to watch.  It makes me happy and then I said a prayer of thanks and I remembered where my priorities are.


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