Mary or Martha

I am Martha.  I am the planner, the doer, the person who is trying to make sure everything is done and everything looks good and everyone is happy.  I am the person who makes really cool cupcakes and then misses the birthday candles being blown out, because I am in the kitchen finishing up the next step in hospitality.  I would love to be Mary.  I have one good friend who is Martha and one who is Mary.  I have envied the Mary friend for years.  She can drop everything and just be there in the moment.

I worry because I think if I was around back then I would have done the same thing, I would be in the kitchen and my sister would be sitting at Jesus’ feet, listening and growing and absorbing His love.  So how do I know what I am missing each day?  What is the saying about people have entertained angels without knowing it?

It’s hard to find as much time to Bible study and faith building as I would like.  Like most moms I am taking care of two kids, helping at church, cleaning my house, running the household and trying to balance a ton of other things at the same time.  That is our dilema in this modern age.  We can do things and do do things round the clock.  There is a reason we should observe a day of rest and yet many of us, myself included just can’t. 

This is a big part of where I need to grow in my faith.  I know I need to spend more time in prayer and reading and studying the word and serving others, but I need to let go of some of the minor things I do each day in order to achieve this. Which is easier said than done.  But we’ve been living this issue since Biblical times and it is a very hard habit to break.


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