Being Myself

I have a lot of noise in my life.  My kids are full of energy, my pets make a lot of noise, I like to talk and speak to other people.  As much as I don’t like it there is usually some noise maker on at home- tv, Wii, computer, phone ringing-something.  So it is hard to carve out time for myself and quietness for myself.  Sometimes in the shower I get some quiet to reflect but then I usually hear the kids racing upstairs or think of my unending list of to-d0’s.  Some mornings I wake a slight bit early and the dog doesn’t need to go out straight away and I get to read my devotions and pray.  But most mornings not.  I miss quiet and I think I would be able to pray more and be more at peace if I had some quiet to myself.  I guess that is one more sacrifice you make as a mother. It’s just really hard to be myself and know myself and feel my faith with all this noise and it’s especially hard as someone who grew up as an only child and never had any distractions.  One of my goals is to go to a retreat someday and find a little quiet if only for a weekend.


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