By Faith Alone

So this month I was trying to figure out how I could get back to being content and excited to worship.  I realized I have a blast doing things for Sunday School and that I truely enjoy going to church for the sermons.  I realized since I made a prayer area in my dressing room, and have been doing my devotions there in the morning to the sound of my child yelling for me to get her milk when she wakes up or my dog whining to be taken down 3 flights of stairs to go outside and bark like crazy, that I am totall being distracted and not getting anything from my devotions.  Should I maybe end each night with them?  I usually read from a devotion book on women of the Bible before bed, I could do them then.  I have peace and all the time in the world to study and take it in.  There is not a rule that says you need to do them 1st thing in the AM and as many moms know, kids have a tendancy to distract you when you are trying to focus.  So I think I might try that.  I just thought of that while I was writing, what an awesome prayer answer. 

I also want to make a commitment to go to church as much as I can.  The summer seems to feel more relaxed and our church doesn’t have a/c so it’s been hard, but I want to get back in the habit. 

I am still extremely happy with sunday school teaching.  I just need to realize like everything else in life I don’t need to overplan and overdo it, I don’t need to overanalyze and stress.  I just need to share God’s word and love with a great group of kids who want to learn and have fun.

I don’t think I am doing too much, and I am happy to be volunteering and serving others, I am also doing an online prayer volunteer thing and that brings me a feeling like no other to know that I am lifting people up in prayer that I don’t know.

So I do need my faith and to be active in helping others to be content because otherwise I don’t feel grounded and my life feels like it’s all over the place.


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