The white sweater

When I met my now husband I was enamored. I was so sure he was the one.  We dated for awhile and since he was from another country he would go home and come back frequently during the year.  One such time he let me keep his off white cable knit sweater.  It was so big and cozy and smelled like him and it was such a comfort to have.  By then I think we were probably engaged.  I was so happy and I would sleep with it on my pillow, I would wear it around the house.  Anything to remind me of him when he wasn’t there.  Oh and he would send me letters and I would send him letters.  Seriously can you imagine a couple nowadays courting with letters,that aren’t Amish?  We didn’t have email and we didn’t have vonage and all those types of long long distance VOIP providers for cheap, so we never called each other.

For some reason I was thinking about how once you are married you don’t have a boyfriend sweater.  The boyfriend is now your husband and you do the laundry so the clothes all smell the same.  What about if your husband goes away for business?  Is it odd for a grown women to want a boyfriend sweater from her husband?

Maybe you just count the fact that you get to snuggle with him everynight as your new version of the sweater. But I liked being able to hold and wear something to show our connection.  Maybe if wedding rings were a little more snuggly they could work as the make do sweater. 

I read that science has proven that we are compatiable by our smells.  I guess we sniff out the mate, that we think smells the best and it should work for us.  Which is could be why I love to smell my husband.  I love the smell of his aftershave and cologne.  I love how it lingers on his clothes and in the air when he leaves for work. 

I miss that old white sweater.  Somedays when I’m at home missing him while he’s at work I would like to be able to once again nap with it next to me- only on the really stressful days!!


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