More Melba Toast

It’s August.  I am sitting here trying to sneak all the Melba toasts from the bold chex mix that my husband and I are sharing.  I am taking it literally being bold.  I can’t be sneaky because of the crinkly bag and he’s sitting right here.  But it reminds me of how nothing seems to ever be enough.  My self look for August is materialism and it’s effect on my state of contentment. 

Today I dropped my oldest child off at camp, dropped my youngest off with my grandmother and went for a pedicure with my friend. Then I had some time left over so I popped into CVS to have a peek.  My peek ended up being $24 worth of stuff I did not need.  But I just felt like I needed to buy it.  I was bored and didn’t really have any extra cash in the budget, but those glossy magazines were calling my name.  Plus I rationalize it by thinking I am a mom, I need a small release and so be it if I LOVE magazines and books.  Reading is my release. 

But for me it always has to be more.  It’s always been that way for me.  It’s not something I am proud of.  Sometimes I’m bored, sometimes I think oh I deserve it.  I’m not one of those materialistic people who need the name brand everything, I just like stuff. 

This month I want to try to work on this bad habit.  I know if I had more control of this need to buy and have things, I wouldn’t be on the high end with debt, but it’s hard to break yourself of a habit overnight.  I also don’t want my kids to think they must have something each time we go out. 

Anyone else feel like they are in this boat?


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