NICU the show

So I started watching the show NICU on Discovery Health  I would be lying if I said oh it’s just another show, to draw me in since I do like the shows about medical issues.  But I had a baby in the NICU and to see it from this angle is a lesson.  My child was intubated and had surfactant and iv’s and feeding tubes.  I obviously wasn’t there when that was all happening and by the time I met her she was off the ventialator, but I had no idea how much of a procedure that all was, and how scary it is to watch them do that to a baby. 

I’ve been holding back tears as moms get better and go home and have to deal with that awful feeling of going back to your life while your little baby needs to remain in the NICU.  It is a feeling of loneliness like no other.  Especially when you live over an hour from your NICU.

When my husband was allowed to the NICU to see our baby he tooks some pictures to show me.  The amazing thing about her is that she was always happy.  As soon as she had her breathing apparatus removed and was being tube fed, she was smiling and I know that baby’s that young really don’t smile.  But she was happy.  She had food and she loved to be bundled up by the nurses and she liked to sleep.  Life was good in her little NICU world. 

That was one of the biggest things for me, that she was smiling and happy.  She was strong.  She was a fighter. 

I will never know what it was like in her first few minutes of life as she was whisked away.  I won’t know how she was interpreting this whole new world and the lights and noises and people.  I won’t know if she missed me as much as I missed her those first nights before I met her, and then when she was still in the NICU and we went home.  But I do know that she smiled, she was so happy and she still is today.  She has a smile that could melt butter.  She is a loving, tender toddler, who still has a feisty side to her. 

So for all the amazing men and women who work in the NICU, thanks for all you do, for all the littlest babies and for the grateful parents.


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