Not so little anymore

This past weekend, my best friend sent me an email inviting me and my oldest to go see the Jonas Brothers with her and her child.  Our children have grown up together over the past five years, so off we went on an adventure to be the moms, who were taking our kids to a concert, the same kids who 5 short years ago we were showing the ocean for the first time.

It was amazing.  We were really close- row 6.  My children like the Jonas brothers and everything Disney Channel, and I am fine with that.  I watched the Disney Channel when I was younger.  I love that there are not any commercials.  I can not stand and won’t allow my children to watch Nick or Cartoon Network, because then they are all I want this, I want that after seeing the commercials. 

So we danced at Jonas and had a fun road trip and created some good memories.  I could have done without the Jo Bros, playing a song for all the parents in the audience and having it be a Beatles song.  I mean I love the Beatles, but they were from my parents time.  I guess the Jo Bro’s, know as much about parental music choices at 20 as I did.  I barely survived being named Lisa Marie, because my father is a huge Elvis fan, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Yesterday was another milestone, we went to kindergarten orientation and boy has it changed.  My child is going to the same kindergarten I went to. But there are not any toys or cool colors.  Everything is neutral and playing has been replaced with hardcore learning.  I am not sure how I think about that.  My husband says we will see how this year goes and then regroup about our school choice.  I am thinking I am going to get sad when my child actually gets to school the 1st day, because right now I am still excited about this next stage in our life.

The other milestone happening this week is that I will be watching my 1st Sunday School class that I have ever taught move up to the next grade.  I am going to miss my students and I can’t believe I am a real Sunday School teacher.  But again another milestone both happy and sad, but I guess most milestones are.

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