top 10 things that keep me organized

Organized should have been my middle name.  Disorganization makes me cringe and so does clutter.  People with piles of papers who lose things all the time I just don’t get. Here are the 10 things that help my life run smoothly:

1.pen & paper.  Seriously if I need to remember something I jot it down.  I have pens and paper everywhere- the car, the nightstand, outside the bathroom, the kitchen, the desk, my purse.  I also love colorful or smelly pens because they make being organized more fun

2. my franklin covey  mom planner.  I write everything I need to do, want to do, or think may need to do in the future in there.  From day to day chores, to appointments, to meetings, to ideas of what to cook for dinner.  It’s like an extension of my brain

3. my cute little pink netbook.  In addition to my paper organizer I also have lists saved on my computer.  This is where I keep finances and long term to do’s and plans. My Sunday school planning and my financial club planning

4.spreadsheets as in the kind that track my budget, my forcasted budget extras, my out of pocket medical expenses, my tax write offs, my financial club finances- all that good stuff on those little lovey’s called spreadsheets

5. bins and containers.  everything in my home has a home.  really with kids and pets or without, things should have a place where they belong.  you lose less, your house doesn’t look as messy and things just flow

6.lists.  I can’t say enough about lists.  what can’t you list?  this is a list.  I love em’

7.big closets. I don’t have a large home, but we have nice storage for a hundred plus year old home.  that way things can be stored and organized per season

8. bags for give away.  In all of our closets there are bags for donation.  old clothes and toys, outgrown things, items we no longer love and use.  as soon as a bag is filled it goes to relatives, friends or the salvation army.  Out of sight out of mind and it helps someone else.

9. a small number of knicky-knacky things.  almost everything in our home has a purpose-baskets to store things, containers, pictures to enjoy, books to read.  I have a handful of breakable things, this makes it easier to clean, not as much temptation for little hands to get after and break and since I don’t collect things, I don’t have a strong desire to be buying things to add to my collection

10. plastic multi file folder holders. This is where I keep some of the more important papers, cards, and projects from my kids.  They each have one and so do my husband and I.  This is where we store things we want to keep.  By having a designated folder it helps you to think about what you really want to keep.  I am sentimental for cards, so my files have lots of cards and small paper items that contain some memories.

So there it is.  My list of 10 ways I stay organized as a mama


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