Here is my answer Plinky

This post is based on a prompt from the supercool website linky

Share three things you do every day without fail.

1. Clean the cat litter.  I know it’s not glamourous and it’s one of the worst household chores, but no one else will do it and we have 4 cats, and yes cats do spend as much time in the litter box as your grandparents spend in the bathroom.

2.Check my email and my calendar. I need to do this first thing in the AM, regardless of the day or if it’s a holiday.  It’s second nature, it makes me feel in control and it calms me.

3. Read the obits and the opinion section online in our local newspaper.  I read the obits out of curiousity and to make sure there is not anyone I know, some say it’s morbid, but I am not the only person I know who looks there first.  And the opinions because you can tell a lot about the people in an area and what’s going on by what they are complaining about.


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