Rolling Green Hills

This is a blog for national blog posting month where the topic this month was green.

Last night my two best friends and our husbands went to the city to see a comedian as a surprise gift for my birthday.  I am not good with surprises but I was floored and so excited when they told me what the plans were.  They even hired a driver to pick us up and take us all over the city without having to worry about parking, or waiting or anything.

So after the show we stopped at this little Irish Pub to get some dinner.  It was about 10:30pm and there were not many places serving food. It was amazing food- delicious.  I popped outside because it was a beautiful 73 degrees to look up at the skyscrapers and the little historic houses that were near this pub and all of a sudden I felt alive and a longing at the same time.  I have never lived in a city.  I saw all these university students and friends out on a Friday in a lively city just having fun. It was something I have never known in this country.

When I first went to college I went to school at a huge university in this exact city and lasted less than a month, because it was not the place for me.  I ended up transferring to a smaller liberal arts school 1/2 hour from home.  I visited cities many times and worked in the capital city when I lived abroad.  But to live and breathe and shop and eat like a city dweller I have not.

I love the countryside where I live.  We are within driving distance of major hospitals, schools, shops, malls- most anything.  I love seeing nature in my back yard.  I love having my kids living in my hometown.  I love my little garden and the birds outside.  But for a few hours last night  I was having one of those sliding doors (the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow) moments, what if I had lived in the city, what if we had our kids in the city, what if my huband & I both worked or finished grad school in the city.  I think my birthday combined with the nice night just made me wonder. 

I love living in my green countryside, but part of me will always wonder if I would have ever enjoyed city life when I was younger. I know at my age now and with kids that we aren’t really city moving type of people any longer, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine.


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