Contentment and Life’s Costs

I can’t even begin to relate to trying to cut back on material things this month.  It’s like the last few weeks I’ve gone in the opposite direction.  Shopping too much at Target, online. Spending instead of saving.  All that bad stuff.

Two weeks ago my friend surprised my son & I with Jo Bro tickets, 6th row- crazy.  I’ve never been that close at a concert in my whole life.  Another really amazing good friend is giving me a Kindle for my birthday.  Last night my friend surprised me with VIP box seats for a comedy show and a driver to take us everywhere we wanted to go in the city.  It was amazing.  I mean in my real life I would never be able to afford or do these things without months of savings and planning.  So I am so grateful for all these gifts I’ve been given.

But I know too that as I wrap up this month’s look into my contentment and it’s correlation to materialism, I can see where my weaknesses lie.  So I know what I can work on in order to be debt free and a better handler of my money, it’s just getting there that’s the hard part.


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