Keeping up in an ever changing church world

I was at a comedy show the other night and there was some joke about churches wondering why they were not as full as they once were and the comedian made some comment about Sunday mornings and how that could be the cause right there for younger people.   I chuckled because I agree and I don’t agree. 

I am not an 8am church goer.  If I have to present something at the 8am service I will, but I personally prefer the Saturday night service , I use to attend the 9am service but now I am in Sunday School at that time.

But I also know that the more I grew to appreciate and desire attending services the easier it was to get out of bed, even in the cold winter months and make church. 

One of the main things about my church that I wish could change a bit and I know that some of the other churches same denomination already have made changes, is to liven up the music selection.  There are some great Christian artists out there and some great worship songs.  I’ve been to churches with small bands and they sing more modern worship songs and it’s really a great experience.  Our church has an organ and a piano and some hymns that are older than this country and that’s our worship music. 

It bothers me because I want to be in this church with my kids and someday I would think my grandkids, I want to pass on tradition, but the majority of members are 70 plus.  So they cater to their needs and wants and ways of church and don’t focus on things to attract younger people.  When I attend church events I am the youngest person. 

I see other churches in the area sending teen youth on missions trips and even mission trips here in the US each year.  This is something when my kids are older, I would like for them to experience. But we don’t have that. 

And websites.  I really do use the web for everything.  Need a phone number I look it up( even my grandparents and father call me to look numbers up online), need news I look it up, need a recipe, a hard to find item, review on a toy, book information, travel reviews, other christian & mom stories or even financial/banking info.  I go online.  I would love to have that access to things at my church, but again since not many people use that medium, our website is not very informative. 

I also like when the pastors of some more current churches speak to people in terms of today, things we can relate to, points of view from the Bible that relate to things going on in the world, but again in my church the age of the main worshippers dictates the way the sermon is presented. 

I do love my church and I love the involvement I have.  I don’t love how it seems to be stopping in time instead of moving forward.  I wish we could offer some more marriage courses or parenting courses, or things like that to bring some younger people into the flock.  I’m at a point now in my journey and church home of where I want to stay in my denomination and raise my kids, but I might need to look elsewhere for a church home.  I don’t know.  This is hard for me.  I also have been to a very young church and felt so welcome there and I’m exploring that also.  Friendly faces, people fellowshiping and coming up to speak to you.  Almost like going to a picnic with good friends.  Some of the receptions I’ve had at my church have been cold or non-inviting. 

So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I explore this part of my life.


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