Material World

So this month I took a look at materialism and it’s role in my life.  I learned more about my spending habits and my need to buy when I am bored or when I feel like I’ve been good on my budget for awhile.  Why I think I need to buy things for my children even when they don’t ask for them.  I learned the total amount of my debt and boy was I shocked, I think, actually I know it’s grown in the last two years when I was trying to spend less and pay it down, plus I added a few cards since then, which was stupid, but I felt trapped.  I think people in my age bracket have a real problem with debt and credit and instant gratification and I know mine goes back to two working parents who felt guilty, being an only child for a very long time, and then the result of divorce and guilty parents who felt they failed me.  So since I’ve spent more of my life getting things and trying to be happy with that or trying to fit in and make others happy and only a few months trying to curb my ways, I know I have a long way to go.  But it was a good idea for this month, and I know that contentment definately will not come from things or shopping for me.  So now here comes the fall and September and my next topic and hopefully some nice cool fall weather someone in the next month.


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