Why my church should stay put

So my church is on this mission to leave our affiliation because of something that was passed almost two years ago.  There is alot of discussion and emotion and I am just really sad.  I am a younger member in age compared to most.  I want my church to feel like home, to feel like a great place for me and my kids to be.  After attending one forum that was held and hearing people voice their opinions about the issue at hand, I was amazed at how people behaved and what people thought.  I was shocked, here was a group of Christians, some leaders in our church, speaking words that did not show the love Christians are supposed to show to others.  I was really hurt and now that there is going to be more forums and then the vote, I am hurt.  I have been praying about this for months.  I am so scared because I have a feeling the outcome is going to be something I can’t agree with or live with and I then feel like I will need to find a new church home.  There are so many ministries that I am part of that I love and then I won’t have that. 

I wish the world could be more open minded.  If we all just realized how we are all alike and so much more connected than we think.  If people could just stop judging and start loving instead.


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