Just some thoughts/things going on today:

-It is really hot.  I’m talking almost triple digits hot.  Will this heat ever end?  The only people benefitting are the electric company

-My vacuum’s new nemisis is silly bandz and barbie hair

-I’m starting to accept the fact that I like Phineas & Ferb more than my kids

– I wish my kids were late sleepers.  I love to stay up late & read, but being a mom it’s probably because that’s the only time of day I get to myself

-my husband DVR’s these stupid shows and then I get sort of interested in watching such as hard core pawn, gangland, worlds dumbest criminals

-I’m making spaghetti for dinner

-I hate Bank of America, enough said

-I wish I had a nice big pile of Oreos

-I hate when telemarketers use local #’s to trick you to picking up the phone

-I feel like I should start going to a new church, but my old set in my ways comfort zone is holding me back…

-I can’t sleep at night, even after I’m done reading.  I toss and turn and can’t get settled

-I feel like my grandmother is my best friend

-Super Walmart did not have reese’s dark choc pb cups last night and I was kind of sad

– I used to want to be an author, but everytime  I come up with a good idea I lose it or I have a zillion other things to do

-I am so tired of juggling bills to make it all work.  I messed up with budgeting and I need to fix it

-Odd people are drawn to me.  My husband says I’m too nice

-I’m wearing my best friends mother in laws shirt, is that weird or am I a frugal genius for taking any and all clothes people want to give me?

-I love the Duggars.  I don’t want to make any comments on their # of children, I just love watching them

-I am so over Kate, but like a train wreck I watch b/c I feel like I’ll miss something, and the new quints family kind of bugs me

-my in laws are coming next week and I’m not that excited, it’s hard to entertain after taking care of your kids all day.

-a little part of me wishes I had studied harder in science because I think I would have been an awesome doctor

-I am so scared that my kids won’t do well in school & I don’t know how to deal with that fear.

rambling list complete


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