Can I live without social networking

Of course I can’t.  At this point I am so hooked.  There are times when I have days when I don’t feel like going onto Facebook, but then I always come back just to see what people are up to.  What did we do before we knew what people were doing all the time?  It’s intriguing to me sometimes because somedays I feel like my life is rather ordinary.  But then I go onto Facebook and I see that other people are having rather ordinary days also. 

I have been known to get way too hung up on things on facebook and wishing I had this or did that or could go here or say that about my husband.  So much so that I’ve been down for a few days about it.  Or I will see something and feel excluded or see something and miss friends.  So I have had times when it is not in my best interest to get too tied up on facebook.

But Twitter is all good for me.  I love twitter, twitter feels like an awesome way for me to express myself.  I love tweeting, it’s not me trying to impress myself or stay afloat socially it’s me just being expressive.  Me being me.  No concerns, no cares. 

I do love being connected on both networks, but I really think that Facebook can be bothersome, like those catalogs you get from your college telling you who is doing what and where they are doing it.  And I don’t need that.  Then there is the whole aspect of social graces and who to friend and not friend.  There is an oddness that people I barely spoke to or who I haven’t seen in over a decade would have any interest in my life or me in theirs, but that is the way of facebook.  This didn’t happen for a long time.  I know that there is a generation of people who loved high school reunions and who faithfully attend, but I think for most people there is a group of people who fall into that category.  So now for current generations there is this online connection forcing you to a high school reunion each day, if you happen to be friends with some people in order to be polite and not for a real friendship.

So yes things are tricky with social networking and these are some of the things that I struggle with and deal with, but I can truthfully say I couldn’t stop logging on now if I wanted to.


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