Hello Tomorrow

Yesterday I got my church social service ministries annual report.  It had stories from some of the residents of senior homes that were in their 100’s and other stories of people growing up on farms, without indoor plumbing, tv, etc.  It made me think.  I thought about my own grandparents and how they didn’t have indoor plumbing or heat for my grandmothers home.  I thought about my mom she lived out in the country and didn’t have indoor plumbing. I thought about all they’ve seen in their life times- tv, internet, cell phones, air travel, microwaves, vaccines, cds (since my grandparents have no idea what an mp3 player is),washing machines and dryers and so much more.

Even when I was very young my grandmother had a wringer washer and hung her clothes to dry in the basement, she has never had a dishwasher. Her job when I was younger was babysitting a few kids in her home (she loves kids) and raising me and cleaning and cooking and that was a job.  I mean she worked all day long and into the night to keep our home clean.  I need to remember that more when I am complaining that I have to clean.

In my home we have a washer and dryer (but not the super fast front load, like so many people have), we have a dishwasher, we have 3 computers, dvrs so we don’t ever miss a show and don’t have to watch commercials, and today I received a Kindle.  My great friend thought I needed one for my birthday and low and behold here it is.  It is futuristic, let me tell you.  It is amazing and beautiful.

But all of this boggles my mind.  In high school I had to scour the library shelves for facts for my senior paper and had to use the dreaded card catalog, even in college for my thesis paper same thing.  The internet might have been there in college, but we didn’t use it all that much, it was too new and it was something maybe I would use for shopping or playing online bingo. Flash forward my kids are living in this amazing technological age and have things I never dreamed of in kindergarten (if I had dreamed of them maybe I would be Bill Gates).  Sometimes it’s so much to take in that in the 70 or so years since my grandparents have been around so much has changed, in the last 20 years of my life so much has changed and I can only imagine what lies ahead, I am still holding out for those flying Jetson’s cars.


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