Weekend Fast

So I am definately an internet addict.  Friday was a hectic day for me.  My aunt was in hospital and I sat with her, I needed to meet up with a friend later in the day to go to a memorial service and my in laws arrived that day. So I came home Friday night exhausted and still had tons of good blog feeds I wanted to read, Facebooking I wanted to do and emails to respond to and budgets to update.  And it didn’t happen.

Saturday was an insane day at work all non-stop but in a good way.  Saturday I rushed home after work, changed, said hello to the in laws and then went out to celebrate my friends birthday- again a late night no internet.

Today I was at church, hanging with the in laws and no internet.  So tonight I sat down to read email, respond to things, work on updating my cash flow, blog, check facebook and send some messages and the 100 other things floating on my to do list.  It was overwhelming and driving me crazy and made me feel really uncomfortable because I am so used to checking things off my to do list each day.

So yes a few days into September and I realized I need my internet not only to social network but to access my lifes to do’s.  I have a tension headache as I try to catch up. Whew- and I wanted to spend today settling down and relaxing at least I had a nice English dinner.


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