Zany I don’t know that I am that

And another (playing catch up here, the in-laws were in town and I was off line)

So this is asking for the zaniest thing I’ve ever done with my kids.  First off I won’t ever be the finger paint, express yourself mom, I don’t like messes, that said I will 100% sign my kids up for art classes where they could do so.  So I’m not creative zany.  I also have never packed the kids up for an impromptu vacation or even a day trip, because I am an organizer and I just can’t do spontaneous with the kids. 

In recent times the most unexpected thing I did with my oldest was to go to a Jonas Brothers concert.  My friend got free tickets and asked us.  So I went out of my comfort zone, drove 2 hours away with her, didn’t have food & extras in my budget, but just sort of winged it.  We got there and we were row 6, I mean we could see Nick’s sweating forehead and my child loved it.  It was amazing and I have never been that close for any other concert in my life, so maybe that was zany, because it was a fun, relaxed, unplanned time, but I can’t take the credit as it was my friends tickets and planning, so I don’t think I am zany 😦


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