Dish wishing

Last night I hosted 7 members of my all women’s financial investment club.  As well as my husband and two kids and my friends kids.  I was stressed I always stress when hosting, but it was fun and we had some awesome laughed and decided on some new stocks and in general was a great night. 

Then everyone left and I went to clean up the kitchen.  Wow.  I made some simple curried turkey pasties and a salad and grilled pineapple with ice cream for dessert.  But there were dishes everywhere.  So I loaded the dishwasher and waited the minimal 2 hours for a cycle (our dishwasher is a bit older).  Then I emptied it and dried and loaded again.  I still had a few plates and bowls that didn’t make it into round two so I hand washed them, with my 7th generation dish soap, which smells like a spa and is amazing. 

I got to thinking how on Earth did my grandmother do this and more on Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving without a dishwasher and without a double sink???  I was in awe.  I mean yes I have washed dishes before and in my house growing up we never had a dishwasher and in the first apartment my husband and I had we did not have a dishwasher.  Then we had a baby and we were like yeah, having a dishwasher is a must for us.

But back to my grandmother and mother and all the other grandmothers and mothers.  I can remember after dinner how they would disappear to clean and dry dishes and pack up food, while we all played games, watched football or talked. I never knew why I didn’t see them for hours, why they seemed so tired or how much work was involved.  I have a whole new appreciation, but I think something more happened in those dish cleaning days when all the women were in the kitchen, I think they bonded and passed on traditions.  It was a time for chatter, catching up and a little gossip perhaps.  It was a time to relax and appreciate the family and be happy we could all come together.  I won’t ever have that around my dishwasher but as a mama maybe I can always save a few dishes so I can linger with my kids as I hand wash and they someday dry and we can chat and remember meals together. 

So yes I do feel blessed for having a dishwasher, clean water, friends and especially family.

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