Rock you like a hurricane

So there was a hurricane in Bermuda this weekend.  You may not have heard that much about it, because the US news tends to overlook Bermuda and any news that happens there.  This is the first major hurricane that has hit since most of my friends from there are on facebook.  So there was lots of pictures and video posts and updates.  There were also updates from friends on twitter and the main new sources in Bermuda.  So that was one of the benefits of social networking.  Still once power went out to most people on the island, I was not sure how my family and close friends were making out until today, almost 2 days later.  Kind of crazy.  I mean even in the worst snow storm here, I am never off line for that many days.  So there was a new purpose for social networking, that was a benefit for me, and not a time stealer.  I was also able to find out twitter was hacked this morning on facebook before logging on to twitter.

I do have a new problem with social networking, I am a blog feed over-subscriber.  I have found some really great new blogs and some old ones too that I just love to read.  I am a magazine addict, so it’s like getting a short fresh magazine article everyday and I love it.  But my productivity for cleaning and organizing is going down, while my reading level is going up.

And I did connect well with my two friends this weekend after some fun for ones birthday and got feedback on my dinner party for my finance club, so all in all today I am not complaining about social networking.  Still don’t know if it’s made me more or less content, but hey September is not over yet.


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