Almost as nice as Hannah Montana’s closet

When my first child was born we were given so many clothes.  I knew we were having a boy so people could buy what they wanted boy style.  I also went around collecting outfits.  I had no idea how overwhelming it would be to keep a kids clothes organized.  For several years I could buy on sale at the end of the season because my son was right on target size wise. 

Then my daughter was born- too early.  All the big clothes we bought because we figured we’d have another 9 plus pound baby wouldn’t fit her for a long time.  I didn’t know there were preemie clothes so for the first days when she was dressed she worn these hosptial hand me downs.  My husband then went home and bought some preemie clothes. They were so cute and so tiny.

Flash forward a few years.  My best friend gives me girl clothes from her daughter who is older and I pass my boy clothes to her son who is younger who then passes them to our other best friend with an even younger son.  So I have bags of clothes for my daughter when she grows into them. 

Being the organized mama that I am I couldn’t just let them sit in the closet.  So I organized them all by size.  But that wasn’t enough.  I made notes about seasonal checking and seasonal cleaning of all the clothes. 

For my son & daughter I have a master list of all clothes they might need for all the seasons plus how many of each item I think I should buy.  We do get lots of clothes as gifts from family so I always underestimate on what I will buy.  This has helped me tremendously.  It helps me by not over buying.  It helps me because I check to see exactly what I have and what I need.  It only took really about an hour to sit down and plan it all out, but it was well worth the time commitment in order to be organized and on top of the kids clothes.


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