Don’t go breaking his heart

So today my friend was at the birthing center getting ready for baby #2 and I was watching child #1.  It was a nice break for my kids to have a friend over during the day during the week.  So my grocery shopping was put off until our visitor left, which was fine.  I needed the break in the day too.   I’m telling you this because I spent a ton of $ today at Superwalmart.  I was angry spending, which is not good mixed with hungry before dinner shopping.  Now don’t get me wrong I angry spent on groceries.

How did I get so angry?  What made my blood boil?  A child.  A five year old heart breaker.  My son came off the bus and came inside the house and seemed kind of off.  I figured it was hot and he was tired.  But then he slumped on the sofa and broke down.  I’m talking serious sobbing, hot tears, sweaty head, kind of huffing.  When he calmed enough to tell me he said his best friend who he knew since pre-school last year told him on the bus that he was no longer his friend.  My sensitive child who thinks the world of this child had his little heart ripped out and crushed.  It reminded me of worse times in high school when I thought I was crush when a crush didn’t like me back , but worse.  Here was my child who has never had straight up heart break being told his was not worth this friends friendship.  I mean what kind of 5 year does this.  So I instantly wanted to say well just forget about him, tell him off, slap him.  But I bit my tongue, I thought I’m a mom I need to handle this mom like.  I told him to still be nice, to try to be a friend to others.  I told him there are other people who love him and care for him and he has other friends.  I told him there is always tomorrow and he can meet new friends.  But inside I was seething.  We called my husband who talked to him and then we went to SuperWalmart and I bought groceries and lots of them.  What kind of 5 year old does that?  How do I heal my child’s heart break?  The only thing I could think of is to pray.  To pray for him and pray for the other kid.  It’s just hard to see your child hurting in such a manner.


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