Sister wives interesting in a creepy way

So the first time I saw the promo for sister wives I thought it was a joke, but then I rewound the tv and wow, no joke.  I was just shocked.  My husband always thinking one step ahead said oh yeah and sibling cousins too.  I quickly sent a FB message to my one friend who I thought would also be interested in this train wreck of a show and we discussed it the other night at my financial club and I mean really can you imagine that this is what tv has come to?  I’m going to watch, even though I don’t think I’ll watch after the first episode.  I am only going to watch because I like seeing inside other peoples lives that are completely different from mine. 

TLC is great for helping me with this.  Little People Big World used to be one of my favorite shows.  I have never known a little person and it was cool to see this family and what they did, as the kids grew & the house grew so did my interest.  Then there was Jon & Kate.  I watched them because they are from near where I was born and grew up.  I could recognize some of the places and I liked seeing a family trying to manage life with all those kids in relatively familiar ways.  Then they got divorced, the house grew, kate’s boobs grew- by exercise- yeah right, the kids grew and I’m not interested anymore.  Then there is the Duggars.  I got hooked on them late in their series. But I loved them. So sweet & so many and just something totally different.  Our neighbors had 8 kids and I thought that was a lot. I grew re-interested in them when their preemie was born, because I had a preemie too.  But again the kids are growing, the family is not doing so many new and exciting things and I’m kind of bored with it. 

I tried the show with the babies and the Texas family but that just didn’t work for me.  I loved one big happy family but of course TLC stopped running that one.  And I have never watched the New York family.  But I will watch sister wives, because it is something that you will only find in America and something I would keep under wraps if it was me and not air on tv, but I am not from a poligomist area of the country so who knows.  I can’t imagine the dynamics of having to share my husband or having to live with all those kids under one roof. 

Maybe I’ve outgrown TLC and their shows the same way I outgrew MTV about 10 years ago, who knows.  Or maybe this is a sign that family reality shows are not in favor like they once were the shock factor has worn off.  We’ll see.  There’s always House which is my all time favorite show and the new season has just begun.


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