Living in the dark

I went to a meeting tonight because my church is considering leaving the ELCA.  I really didn’t think people were so old fashioned and hate filled in their beliefs.  I don’t want to go into details.  I can just tell you I left not knowing my church any more and not feeling at home.  I am very active in my church and so are my kids and I can’t believe this is how people are.  I would like to think it’s from living in a bubble.  I mean even my grandparents are not that outspoken or judgemental in their views. 

I think by exposing ourselves to others and the needs and lives of others like us and unlike us we are growing and we are serving the way that we should be.  If I was only meant to help people just like me God would have created everyone the same.  But He made rich and poor, lots of races, two sexes, conservative and liberal and all those things in between.

We can’t pick and choose who to love and friend.  We are meant to care for all our brothers and sisters. 

Our congregation keeps saying oh we never knew this was an issue or that is was happening.  But I knew as soon as it happened because I follow the ELCA on twitter and facebook.  I get my news online.  Most of the people in my church are way older and that’s fine.  There are outlets to get news otherwise.  So how can my church go forward if they are pushing out the next generation? I am uncomfortable being there and being near people who are trying to get me to be on their vote.  I don’t want to vote in church I want to go there to learn about God, to feel at home and to serve others.  Really this is one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through in a place that means so much to me.


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