Keeping connected

I wish I could say that after a whole month of thinking about twitter & facebook that I could say it’s made me more content with my life.  They have connected me to more people I wouldn’t normally interact with on a daily basis.  But I have felt the need to be more present there and less present in my own life.  I think they distract me and help me to mice and not do what I need to do, such as cleaning or bills. 

I have been happy to read tweets and things people post on facebook, but like college reunions, high schoo reunions and they great semi annually journals telling you who is doing what, it can make your focus change and it can make you worry about things or feel the need to keep up with others. 

So I wish I could say that I would be able to spend less time online or that I could stop checking my facebook everyday, but I don’t think I can.  So what does that mean? I am more aware of my time online and I am making an effort to not take everything to heart and I am also more aware of how I need to only focus on things that are really important.  So onto October and my look at how my relationships effect my contentment.


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