Am I green?

The past two years I have been really trying to go green with my household.  We recycle everything and we give away what we can’t use and try to repurpose things before buying new things.  I trade kids clothes with friends.  I buy Mrs Meyers cleaning products and no chemical products.  The best thing I have taken on is baking soda.  I love it.  It works for pet odors, it scrubs a sink, it cleans things and it’s cheap and not bad.  Even my husband has agreed to use it and he was a die hard chemical scrubber kind of person. 

I still have some vices mainly paper towels and buying new clothes for myself (but always on sale).  But I think we are doing good and I am showing the kids how to live a good lifestyle.  We even grew our own veggies this year and I am trying to cook more from scratch and buy way less boxed meals. 

So I think I am a little green and to me that is great.


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