Glamour Life

I am a child raised on 80’s tv.  Here are some of the shows I watched:



-Love Boat

-Fantasy Island


And the kid ones too Cosby Show, Punky Brewster, Facts of Life shows like that.

But my main impression was from the dramas.  I really had never seen wealth like that and I probably didn’t know it was wealth.  I assumed it was just what happened when you grew up.  I also thought I’d have some fur coats, a fountain in front of my house, a sweeping curvy staircase, a globe bar (I really like globe bars), tight shiny gowns and some great big diamond necklaces.  I used to dress my barbies to be like that and have great lifestyles.  Never mind that I had no idea about the plots of these shows, I just loved the opulence.  Now my life is nothing like that and I assume neither are most peoples.  I would still really love a globe bar to store sodas in next to my desk, but the rest doesn’t bother me anymore.  It was an incredible time of excess and to see it on tv was just part of the glamour, it was before reality tv so it helped me to realize tv is fake and no one has lives like that or so I thought.  But I am happy with my life, I am glad I don’t have ball gowns and furs and diamonds.  My house is a good size and I clean it myself.  I wonder if years from now when I play barbies with my own daughter what the clothes will be like and what will we pretend?  Will I have to go the strong female route and Barbie will be this awesome career woman who can have a family and do it all, will Barbie still be able to dabble in dressing up and just worrying about what time Ken is coming over and where they will have dinner? I guess I’ll let her decide, but I am sure I will go down memory lane about my barbies and sitting behind my grandmothers recliner while the whole family watched Dynasty and recreated fantastic outifts and homes for my dear barbies.


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