I can’t believe my child just did that

I can’t believe my child threw an empty plastic cup at my face this morning.  I was shocked and a bit in pain since I banged my head on the wall trying to avoid it.  She thought it was funny.

I have a toddler and a terrible twos toddler at that.  Everything my first child never did this one does.  They are like day and night.  She has a mind and a temper all of her own and sometimes she gets out of control.  I tried time out, but she was in so much it doesn’t phase her.  We did Magic 123 and that works with my older child but not with her.  My life is becoming increasingly hectic because I don’t want to face her outbursts each day.  She is also extremely attached to me as in I can’t even leave the room to brush my teeth because she just stands and shouts mommy over and over and over.

For awhile things were getting easier with her and I thought we passed a crucial point but now we are back to square one. Nobody ever told me parenting could be this hard!


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