My big shed

So it finally stopped raining.  We had the worse rain that we’ve had in years and then finally this afternoon it became cooler and crisp- hopefully we are welcoming autumn. 

Today was a different day in our family. Today is the first day of our crazy lifestyle make over.  My husband and I are embracing healthier eating and rethinking our spending habits. We are both overweight.  We need to lose weight, for our health and for our kids.  We are also in debt.  Lots of debt.  And as embarrassing as it is to admit this none of it is student loans.  We’d didn’t have student loans in college or grad school.  So yep it’s all consumer debt, accented by me leaving the workforce 5 years ago to stay home with the kiddos.  Right now 1/4 of our monthly income is going to debt.  Which is crazy.  My husband has a great job and makes great money, but we got stuck on the wheel of buy now pay later and like the weight, once it’s up there nothing moves it down, unless you go hard core which is what we are doing.

Now let me explain hardcore.  I will not stop having cable.  I won’t stop getting a McDonald’s Fruit smoothie every once in a great moon.  I will stop thoughtlessly added some kids clothes or things for the home or too much food we don’t need at the grocery store.  I will stop going into Target for $5 worth of stuff and walking out with $150. All the mistakes we’ve made with credit are silly bored buying mistakes. 

I’m going to post my ups and downs for the week each week and see how long this all goes.  I’m thinking at least 4 years for the debt- yes it’s that bad.  Almost $30,000 bad.  As for the weight my husband being a man thought he would be good by the end of the month.  I told him not only was it a weight loss plan but a healthy eating plan.  Less candy, sugary snacks & chips.  More dog walking.

Truth be told I am scared to death.  This will be so hard, but it needs to be done, we have no other way to go at this point.  My friends know we have debt, but my family doesn’t because I would be embarrassed and I would know they wouldn’t understand and would feel kind of disappointed in me. Obviously everyone we know knows we could lose weight. My main health issue is I used to have high blood pressure and diabetes runs in my family.  My first pregnancy had gestational diabetes & my second I had severe pre-eclampsia.  And in the almost 6 years since the first baby I haven’t lost the weight and probably gained some back.

I want this experience to be  a real money debt blog, not about making other friends (because friends are better than $ and should understand), trying to live frugally but also the feelings of being frustrated and needing to spend, life w/overdraft fees, daily struggle, ways to keep track of where you money goes & the need for willpower to stop spending.

I am starting in October, because it’s unconvential to do so & I can’t wait until Jan 1, 2011.  I don’t want odd jobs, I want to spend & save smarter.  I really kind of want a magical debt fairy, but one has yet to appear. My husband wants to be hands off finance,  it’s only thing I ever feel really guilty about if we are fighting.  He has a degree in finance, but wants me to handle the bills.  We discuss stuff but he doesn’t want to manage the day to day.

It’s sad but true the only thing I saved $ on this year was paper, because my new computer was not hooked up to the printer!!

So please join me in this journey and wish me luck and good fortune 🙂



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