Peeps in my life

Hello October.  Cool, crisp & lovely.  All the things fall should be. So here I am on month ten of my contentment search.  This month I am going to focus on my relationships with my family, friends & husband.  How do the people in my life make me feel content?

First of I want to say that my best friends and family ground me and make me feel like the best person in the world.  They keep me calm and happy and all those great things.  I have an awesome support system.  That said my husband is wishy washy in showing support.  I don’t want to be mean.  HHe just seems sometimes that he’d rather not be bothered.  Like most wives I run my ideas/thoughts/worries by him, in order to discuss and some times I can tell I am annoying or distracting him. 

I love him and he is my best friend, but I wish we could be more sharing with each other, or him with me.  The other week he was worried about some stuff and being distracted and I just laid it down, we needed to talk and once we did I could see his shoulders lift and he felt better. 

The only area I really feel I could use some more of my close family and friends in is at church.  I wish I had someone I could go to church with.  I go alone, maybe sometimes taking my oldest child.  I get sad when I see other couples or people with friends. But I am praying about it.


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