It was hot in August

I’m not sure how my parents met.  I think my dad may have been friends with one of my uncles.  My mother Shirley Irene was one of seven kids.  Her mother died when she was a teen.  She helped her grandmother and father with her younger siblings. They spoke PA German in my mothers home and she still speaks it today.  She is two years older than my father and very quiet and shy.

My dad Michael Alan was one of three kids.  Very talkative and very emotional.  His is German/Irish. With a love of Elvis.

When my mom married my dad she weighed 88 pounds.  My mother is very tiny.  She had this crazy long hair and in my life I have never known her with long  hair, I swear she must have cut it the minute I was born.

I was breached.  So my mother was laboring for over a day.  The story goes that my grandmother was there bossy the doctors around and telling them to do something to help her.  Which does not surprise me a bit.  My mother is very strong and very good with pain, she doesn’t complain, which I discovered this year.  So I imagine she was being really good about being in labor that long.  The hospital where I was born did not allow men in the delivery room, until 2 week later.  I only know this because my best friend was born two weeks later same hospital and her dad was the first dad ever allowed in.  Eventually someone decided to give my mother a break and I was born via c-section on August 25th at 4pm in the afternoon.

I was very sick and needed a blood transfusion.  I think my mom must have had negative RH factor but I don’t think they knew that back then. I also had jaundice and was in an incubator.  They used to test my blood by pricking my feet and one day my grandmother witnessed it and felt so bad for that baby, not knowing it was me.  I got better and came home.

My name is Stacy Lynn.  I have no idea why.  It must have been a favorite name at the time, because there was another girl in my class named Stacy growing up.  And Lynn, well I don’t have statstics but I really think 1 in 5 women in the US has that for a middle name, it goes with everything 🙂 Some other names considered for me by my dad- Lisa Marie, Elvis had just died or something and he is obsessed and Michelle, so I could be called Mickey which is sometimes my dad’s nickname- thank goodness my mom vetoed that.

There are two other interesting things about my birth.  One being that someone gave my mom a palm plant when I was born and we had it for years in our kitchen and I loved having that connection, the plant and I having the same birthday, then my parents divorced and the plant was left behind.  The other thing is that my church sent our deaconess to come and visit with me and mom in the hospital.  This same deaconess was there at my confirmation, my childrens baptisms and is still one of my greatest spiritual influencers.

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