So Random

It’s beautiful outside.  It’s fall but warm there is no rain today and I am inside being grumpy and sad. This is how my morning has been so far:

-woke up and was excited to see the kiddos

-took my toddler downstairs and my oldest slept in

-watched my toddler throw 2 bananas in the trash, feed the dog a tastykake & a cheese stick

-tried to snuggle and watch Barney with my toddler

-my oldest woke up, I got everyone some chocolate milk (their version of morning coffee)

-my oldest was grumpy and didn’t want to play or read or eat before school

-I got angry and was yelling (which I hate to do)

-I got the kids dressed and turned off the tv.  They didn’t want to play

-my oldest got out his gameboy and my toddler freaked out and threw a 20 minutes tantrum because she couldn’t share with him

-got this cute gift from Etsy that I ordered for a friends new baby in the mail

-tried to calm the kids down, yelled some more, felt so upset and wanted to cry because my kids are out of control

-toddler decided she wanted to go back to bed, put her in bed

-sat with my oldest and waited for the school bus

-sitting here feeling kind of like a really bad mom, because sometimes my patience is tested (ok almost every morning) and sometimes I yell when I don’t want to.  I know being the loudest doesn’t do anything to help the situation but it’s frustrating

-finishing laundry and wallowing in self pity

-going to clean the linen closet to get some items to donate to a homeless shelter for church

-hoping this afternoon will be different and the kiddos will be in better moods

-really hoping I don’t have to call the Super Nanny


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