Tea in the garden

I spend most of my week online.  Like many other people I am hooked on twitter.  I feel like I am going to miss something.  This is during my free time. Which somedays I have lots of.  I miss grown ups sometimes, I spend the rest of my day talking with little ones.  So today when my friend called me and invited me to tea in her garden I was excited.  I made some fresh muffins this morning, which didn’t get quite like I wanted. My oldest had a soccer game and we had a nice lunch after.  I was feeling relaxed and I wanted to sit off and read some magazines, but part of me realized I need to relax, it’s beautiful out and my friend needs someone to talk to.  So I went and had a cup of tea.  It was awesome then I went to church with my oldest.  What a nice day and a nice treat to be with others.  I felt lighter.

No man or women is an island and people are good for each other, even in some time frames an old friend,good talk and some warm tea on a fall day equal amazement.


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