Dreams & Aspirations

I am writing my memories from my young adult years.  For more information on this project please check out http://lemondroppie.blogspot.com/ and http://www.mommyspiggytales.com/2010/10/young-adult-years-coming-soon/

Today I am writing about the dreams and aspirations I had when I left high school.  I wish I could say I was one of those people who knew what I wanted to be all my life.  I wasn’t.  When I graduated high school I thought I wanted to be a broadcast journalist minoring in religion studies so that’s what I went to college for in the city.  My husband always jokes that if I went that path the only place I could get a job was the 700 club.

I went to college in the city to a huge university because I was from the burbs and I thought the city was so cool and my on-again off again boyfriend from high school was going there.  I didn’t even last a month.  I hated it.  So I came home. Eventually I ended up at a small liberal arts college and that was right for me.  I still didn’t know what I wanted to do.  So I majored in communications and minored in business.  My favorite classes were anything on literature or writing, which was the same as in high school.  I just love to read and write.  But like most young adults I had no idea what to expect from my first job when I graduated.  I know that at the age of 19/20 I thought 27 was old and I thought by thirty I would be living the dream life, big house, great cars, picket fence- the whole deal.  I also knew I was a workaholic and I wasn’t planning on having kids.  My my my how life can throw you a curve ball!


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