Happy Thanksgiving

Yes I am American and our Thanksgiving is not for another month, but tonight I had Canadian Thanksgiving surrounded by my chosen family.  I am a firm believer in chosen families.  I have my family who I was born to.  I love them all to bits and I love that we are related, but I also have my chosen family.  My two best friends from high school and their families.  So tonight we all ate a glorious Thanksgiving meal with my friend and her Canadian husband.  We sat in front of a beautiful table in her parents 300 year old farmhouse.  We had juicy wonderful turkey and fixings.  We had laughs and deep talks.  We had each other and there was so much to be thankful in that room.  Our kids all have each other and it’s like instant cousins.  I have my two girls who I know will always have my back and I theirs.  I really think without all of my friends I would have a lonely life.  So this year was nice because I will be able to be Thankful at a nice dinner twice for my chosen family and my given family and I am so thankful for all of them. That is what makes me content.


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