My young adult years focusing on friends and fellowship this week. As found on and hosted by
When I left high school I had three best friends.  One was the same since 7th grade and two that I made in 10th grade.  We were inseperable in high school.  After high school we all went different ways.  One to art school, one to Florida & one to travel the world.  I went to college and then came home.  I didn’t like college in the city.  I lost my best friend, the closest of the friends to me.  We had a silly fight and we were both just jealous and lonely for the others situation.  I feel out of touch with my friend who went to Florida. 

In the meantime I met my husband.  We became inseperable, he is my best friend.  I spent time with my friends siblings.  Over time my close friend came back from traveling the world & my friend came back from Florida and time and fate brought us back together.  Since then we’ve all married, had kids, traveled, went through family illness, moved abroad, moved back and have been inseperable.  They have become my family and my sisters. 

When I was abroad I also met some great people who would inspire my career and help me to be an independent young woman in a foreign country.  I learned how to dress and carry myself in business meetings and at business dinners.  I learned how to make friends without knowing anyone.  It was amazing.  I also met this amazing friend at work who is like a sister and who has so much in common with me it’s amazing. 
My husband and I didn’t have any children until later and after we moved back to the US, so my twenties were an amazing time.  I traveled, ate crazy food, did crazy things, had fun, spent a lot of time on the water, got some great cats, got over my fear of flying alot, got my fear of flying back and grew up and became a bit more mature and less self conscious.


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