Not on the Buddha Train

I am pretty organized.  Ok well maybe more than pretty organized, more like organized is my middle name.  But I have two kids under five.  Two kids under five come with lots of toys, clothes, books.  They also come with lots of drama on some days.  So like many other moms I get excited to read books about people changing their lives.  Being less stressed, having less stuff, totally changing their lives in a different path.  Getting things in order. 

In the past year I’ve read Eat, Pray, Love and I just finished the Happiness Project.  While each book had some good parts, they each talked about elements of buddhism and how it changed their lives.  That’s when I get kind of down about the books.  I don’t think that some small elements of buddhism would change my life and make me better able to handle the stress of cranky fighting kids. 

I just wish that there could be some kind of great book for a person in my life stage.  Two kids, who sometimes stress me out.  One toddler who won’t keep a diaper on.  Two kids who chase each other over the sofas like it’s wipe out.  A house full of cluttered toys and clothes my husband drops.  Other things on my plate- school, church, financial clubs, friends, family.  Mounting debt.  A crazy dog who barks to go in and out over and over and pees on the front door curtains while I am waiting for the school bus.  I can’t pack up and travel the world, because I am stressed.  I can’t even pack and go to the shore-that as any mom knows is a 2 day task in it’s self.  I try to focus on being relaxed and try to read, write, do things I enjoy.  But I can’t because every five seconds someone needs me.  I can’t escape with my computer to write, because there are things to clean and kids who follow me.  Like most moms I can’t even get some free time to go to the bathroom alone. 

I’m speaking for all the moms who have great kids and great days, but some days are just way too long and have way too many things happening.  Kids melting down and moms melting down.  So no more life changing books for me, from now on I’ll stick to fiction.

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