Makeover needed

A few months ago I made a plan for myself and my closet, to never wear my mom clothes out and about. So I took all the tee-shirts,sweatpants, exercise capris and put them on shelves and labeled them exercise/cleaning clothes for in the house.  I tried this with my husbands clothes awhile back so he didn’t wear his raggity tee shirts out to run errands or go for lunch on the weekends.  it didn’t work for him.

But so far it’s worked for me, no scruffy clothes worn outside.  But now my wardrobe is jeans and nicer tees or odd looking 3/4 sleeve shirts that look like my mom or grandmother picked them out. 

I thought this fall would be me wearing casual dressy clothes and I even bought some on sale last season, but I just don’t have the energy to make myself look nice or presentable.  I just feel so down and I look at other moms with nice makeup, hair, jewelry & clothes who make the effort and I just can’t get there. I’ve been asking my husband forever to suggest me for one of those makeover shows. 

I know if I lost some weight I’d feel better too, but I just don’t know where to start.  I’m tired of cleaning my closet then trying to buy new stuff and then not wearing it because I don’t know how to dress for my size.  I’m tired of not feeling happy about how I look. I know it’s superficial but I can’t help it.


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