1st grade

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1st Grade ah the memories!  I laugh because this was a hard one for me to remember.  I had Mrs Johnson.  Years later I would run into her in a town production and she looked exactly the same.  I really liked school.  We had this thing called the Star of the Week and she would get a picture from our parents and each child in class would tell her something they liked about you and she would make it into a poster of little stars and laminate it.  I really wish I still had that.  That was such an esteem booster to a young kid to see other kids saying something nice about you. 

I was big into books and the library back then and Barbie dolls. I’m sure that I was bugging for a brother or sister which would never happen with my parents, because I remember being bored and playing by myself a lot.  I also remember starting to realize that normal tv families and other kids in schools families didn’t function like my parents. 

Rocky was big back then and I used to put on my dad’s boxer shorts and run around boxing people.  I even accidentally hit my mom on the nose one time and to this day she talks about how she say stars.  The Phillies also won the world series that year and I remember watching the game and jumping up and down celebrating.  I think I liked Tug McGraw or Mike Schmidt.  That was the first and last time I had an interest in baseball.  The Philly Phanatic came to a local car dealer one time and my aunt took me to meet him and I appharently got so excited I cut in line ran to the front and jumped into his arms. 

I was in brownies after school and I liked that a lot.  We took a trip to Sesame Place and my aunt was the chaperone and my best friend Loree and I climbed way high up in the nets and she had to climb up to get us out because we got stuck.

One other thing I remember from that age was Strawberry shortcake dolls and smurfs were huge. 

 I also spend Friday nights at my grandparents house watching tv with my grandfather while we ate fritos with horse radish & bacon dip. This was the same grandfather who babysat me a few years prior and took me to his baseball game and was playing in the game while watching me a toddler, and at some point I went to the beer cooler and stuck my head under the tap and just started drinking the beer.  My grandmother never let him babysit me at a game again. But he made me laugh and I loved hanging out with him.

Also on Friday nights I would sometimes go with my mom to a local club to hear and dance to a boomba band.  Some kind of crazy polka-ish instruments and German dance music.  It was always a lot of fun.  We also would go to play bingo on Wednesday nights.  It was grocery bingo and I always enjoyed it .

Over the summer my grandmother and some friends rented a van and took  me and some other kids to the shore.  I had a blast.  It was the first time I remembered the shore.  I drank some milk before we left and got sick all over my grandmother and we had to pull along side a highway so she could change and it was broad daylight, she always laughs about that. Her and I also road around together on a bike with three wheels.  Oh and I went on a water slide with one of the other ladies and lost her grip and went under and I wasn’t a very good swimmer, which started my fear of water slides. 

We had a crazy snowy winter.  My dad had to put snow chains on the tires and at one point we were snowed in so my dad put me and my mom on a sled and pulled us several blocks away to my grandparents house.  I also had bad nose bleeds and one particular time in the snow I had to be rushed to the hospital and I lost my raggity anne doll.  I was so upset.  After the snow melted we found her- she was a bald for some reason and I have her still today.

I also remember spending Sunday’s doing laundry in the laundrymat with my mother.  I was never bored, because it seemed like such an exciting place.  Vending machines, laundry drying that I could watch, other people, other kids.


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