Why do people diet

I’ve decided that diets of any sort of just awful.  It’s something only a grown up would do, because a free spirited kid would be like what?  Deny yourself and cut back on good things, why?!!

So this is how I cheated this week (straight to the chase):

-chips & dip ( the plain chips were for my son, and I had veggies for the dip, but I couldn’t resist)

-synder’s buffalo pretzels(oh how good they are)

But my hubby has been doing good.  He’s been eating more salads, way less chips, but he also still snacks because we are just hungry.  We are so used to just mindlessly snacking, it feels empty.

Oh and whenever I pick my kids up from my grandparents house when they babysit, I can’t resist their stash of Tastykake crimpets.  I don’t buy them here because there are here for a few hours and then I consume them all. 

I’ve realized I am being really honest with my mess ups and I realized at work when I am bored I eat.  I had a Hershey bar w/almonds this week (come on almonds are good for you) and Reese cups.  But I get bored a lot at work, thank goodness I am only there a few days a week. I really think I am doing better healthy food choice wise.

Last night we went to a parade and a party and they had buffalo chicken dip- hello anything spicy is my weakness and in the afternoon my mom took us for lunch and I had fried veggies (again at least it wasn’t friend oreos) and a hoagie- which has veg on it 🙂 I checked into weight watchers because the points helped me in the past and lots of friends have had success with it, but I can’t be bothered to go to the meetings and I don’t think that’s a good use of my money at this moment in time. 

While on the subject of money. I paid some debt down, not leaps and bounds, but little bits and you can’t build a mound without little shovels to begin with. 

I had three massive cave in slip ups in spending this week.  First I went to the grocery store and bought some Christmas presents, which weren’t needs, but I couldn’t resist.  So yes Superwalmart is super cheap for groceries, but there are so many other things to tempt me. 

The next day I found these brillant scrapbook things by October Afternoon, called modern homemaker.  I filled my ebay watch list and then had to narrow it down (which was hard b/c my old means were to just buy it all), it made me think about how much stuff costs and whether I really needed it.  In this case, it was really hard to find, so I figured now or never. 

My last overspend was on pumpkins.  Yes I said pumpkins.  I love to have a nice fall front porch and I have a wagon that I fill with pumpkins and such.  So when we went to buy the family carving pumpkin, I had to get some small white pumpkins ( I just love white pumpkins, so elegant) and some small Indian corn and some gourds and some bittersweet.  So $28 later we walked out of the florist place.  But in my defense I keep them up until after Thanksgiving and I put them in the back yard to rot and drop seeds so next year I’ll have them in my yard.  Which is what I did for the past few years, but the last summer was so hot, it killed them before they really got going.

So there’s the low down for this week.  People that are close to us know we are on this double diet and have been asking questions and for some tips, so it’s good, if we can help some friends along the way too.


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