Just Plain Fun

Every year between the ages of 19 and 23 I would spend three weeks at Christmas time in Bermuda.  We would go home to be with my husbands family.

The first year his parents sent us tickets I was excited, they came for my birthday in August.  I was never a good flyer though and a month later I had my first and only panic attack thinking of the impending flight.  After that I was fine.

We would leave as soon as school was over for the semester and come  back right before the next semester began.  I loved leaving gloomy cold PHL airport and ending up in beautiful sunny Bermuda. What a culture shock though for a cold northerner like me to see warm Christmas.  Before I lived there years later I would spend each Christmas morning swimming in the sea.

Holidays in Bermuda were magical there’s no other word for it.  It was the holidays I always dreamed of, with the exception that my family was missing.  My husbands parents had a fireplace and just made such a cozy ambiance for the celebration.  They would invite a mismash of friends over for the big Christmas dinner, British style.

A few days before hand we would go into Hamilton to shop for gifts.  It was beautiful to walk around town in December.  They even had this really nice boat parade with boats all light up for the holidays.  BELCO the electric company would sponsor a contest for best decorated house and like in the States we’d drive around and check out the lights, big difference is the newspaper would print info on where to go to see the best displays.

On Christmas Eve, I would go to Mass with my husband.  Usually the closest Catholic church, but a few times we went to this beautiful little old Anglican church and it was like something from long ago. 

Then on Christmas morning I would call home.  After that I would have the big English breakfast including fried bread, blood sausages, baked beans, tomatoes, all well as the usual US items.  We would drink Buck Fizz which is what the English call mimosas.  Afterwards it was off to the beach.  Later we would all meet up for dinner and just enjoy friends and family and closeness around an amazing table eating the biggest Christmas meal ever- the Brits go all out on sides, I think because they don’t have Thanksgiving a few weeks prior. 

My husband and I would usually be housesitting in some great houses.  We would do some touristy things during the day and go into town at night. There was always such fun and commradiery there as students came home from schools from all over the world.  (Bermudians are well traveled).

The closer for the wonderful break would be New Years Eve.  The parties were out of this world.  Such fun.  It was easy to get used to being in paradise.  Then on New Years Day I would call my family and best friends back home and then we would be off to open houses, people make some nice lunch spreads and have friends over on New Years day there.  There is always some social engagement to attend to in Bermuda. 

Then the fun would be over for the year and we would load up our stuff and head back to cold snowy PHL, but at least I had warm memories to get me through to spring.

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