Beating of his heart

My husband was born with congenital heart block, as was his brother.  He has had a pacemaker since he was 15 and has had the battery changes twice since I’ve known him.  When I first met him he didn’t mention it for a long time.  He was embarassed and was not sure how I would react.  I was fine with it.  The first time we went swimming together my friends mom asked what happened when she saw the scar and he said he was in a knife fight, I then told the truth.

I was as interested and wondered as much as everyone when I first met him.  I learned he can’t have strong magnets near him, like bingo wands which a friend accidentally almost did one time.  But for the most part, he gets check up and things seem to go well.  There have been some issues about him being so young, most people are older so they won’t need to worry about repetitive surgeries to change the batteries and recently he had some issues with his leads which are little wires with little hooks on the end that are in his heart and he had to see a specialist in Philadelphia.  He used to have all of his work done in NYC at Presbyterian. 
Last week we watched that show Extreme Home Makeover where the lady’s husband had a heart attack and passed away several hours before the birth of their first child. My husband has the same condition as that husband.  I stopped in my tracks.  I never knew it was something that serious.  He doesn’t act like it and he does sports and really never says much.  Of course I was freaking out and worrying.  He just said yes that could happen, but I don’t think about that.  It’s funny because he is always able to see the glass 1/2 full in everything, I wish I could be like that.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had to have a fetal EKG to see how his heart looked and it was good.  Then the second baby was a preemie, so we had her before the fetal EKG could be scheduled.  But we have been diligent and they both have had EKGs at the childrens hospital with pediatric cardiologists.  My daughter has a murmor but my son is ok.  But we still will have to go back every year to check up.  They don’t seem to have what my husband and brother in law have but we need to be on top of all heart issues for them.

You just don’t know how delicate the human body is until you really think about how it all works together.  Some nights I listen to my husband breath and watch his chest go up and down.  Some of the most delicate moments in our relationship have been going into the hospital to get him a new pacer battery, I was a nervous wreck.  But in his typical chill island fashion he was always real calm while being with me during childbirth, even when I got really sick the second time.  I guess that’s why God paired us together, to support each other.


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