Bermuda 10

10 things that I learned when living in Bermuda:

1.manners.  I’m from the north, so we are not know for our manners.  That all changed in Bermuda.  In Bermuda you need to say good morning, good afternoon in person and over the phone to everyone.  How can you be grumpy when you have cheery greetings? to eat sushi.  Sushi was huge when I lived there.  I learned how to order and what I liked and didn’t like (sea urchin & eel) and how beautiful it was to go out with a bunch of people and get a couple sushi boats. to ride a moped (bike when you live there) to work in the rain, while dressing like the Gordon’s fisherman.  That takes some skill that a tradional American used to my car had to get used too, oh and I had to drive on the other side of the road, don’t get me started on the roundabouts to not ever order a cheese-steak.  Never knew that once you got our of philly that cheesesteaks were not known the world over. Ordered one once and it was a steak, cut in half with a hunk of cheddar in between some bread

5. how to relax.  life on an island does teach you to slow down and enjoy it. Amazingly as soon as I moved back, I lost most of that mentality.

6.enjoy the view.  There is nothing like driving to work and seeing teal water and pink beaches.  even now when I am out and about I take the time to enjoy nature and all God gives us to meet people on my own.  even when I was in college, I always knew people who knew people.  This was the first time I was on my own, at a job and I had to meet people to hang out with.  It was so fun.  It was amazing, the freedom to be a person on your own, starting a new life in a new place. to be organized on the job.  I worked with two amazing people who taught me organization systems, to do agendas and I went to The 7 habits of highly successful people class while I was there. to hear accents.  There is Bermudian, English, Irish, Scottish(super hard), Jamacian, Portugeuese, Indian, Japanese and many others.  I had to learn to really listen in order to pick up at first. and I am not someone who actively listens to go home again. life was good, life was fun, life was warm, but I needed to come back because I needed people here at this time in my life and that was a hard lesson to take in


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