What are you superstitious about?

This is a prompt from www.plinky.com

I don’t like black cats crossing in front of me, I try not to get under ladders, break mirrors, do anything important on a Friday the 13th, but the big thing I am superstitious about is putting shoes on the table.  I’m not just talking about shoes on their own, they could be in a box or  bag.  I just get bugged out when they are on the table.  Growing up we never did that.  It was always said that someone would fight if that happened and low and behold it usually happened.  I am a stickler about it, at home, at work, at other peoples homes.  I tell my husband and my kids all the time. It’s just not something I do or that I can handle.

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http://www.horseshoe.cc/pennadutch/culture/customs/super.htm PA Dutch Superstitions


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