DD diet this week

Bad news first it was a bad bad week for diets.  I mean it’s Halloween.  Candy is everywhere and I have no will power!  I was craving snickers this week and Tastykakes and chips and dip, oreos, & dr peppers.  I snacked on candy at work.  It all started Monday.  We had a dentist appointment 1st thing, so I ate my whole grain English muffin w/peanut butter and I felt good.  Then my husband declared after the appointment that he was super hungry for breakfast so we went out to eat. That’s right two breakfasts in one day.  But it was worth the extra calories and the extra $22 to spend 30 minutes eating a meal with my husband. My other slip up was when I was on day two of exercising.  I took my toddler for a walk to walk some errands instead of driving and I so wanted to stop and get a Dr Pepper, but I stopped myself from doing so.  Only to later in the day eat chips and dips.

So then the money situation this week. I ordered some clothes from Kohls which led to also ordering some Christmas gifts, none of which were in the budget, so that added to the debt. I over spent on the groceries by $67 dollars and then I paid my Lowe’s bill three times by accident, so I paid down the debt on Lowe’s but made us run short on money. Lastly today I had to go to a nice card store to get candles for Sunday School, Walmart candles just don’t last long.  And I walked out of this card store having spent $66 on things I didn’t plan on buying, I again messed up the budget.  Really I have such a weakness for spending.  I need to go all cash, because debit is way too easy for me to overspend.  Here’s hoping November will be better.


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