I want I want

I hate tv commercials.  I hate how they try to sell me and my children things.  With this in mind, I have a DVR so shows I might watch I can fast forward the commercials.  My children watch PBS Kids or Disney channel and that is it.  No Nickoledeon, no Cartoon Network.  I learned early on that all they do is show commercials and that drove me crazy.  Today my toddler was watching Barney on demand and they had a commercial at the end and she goes I want I want.  Wow, I was not expecting that.

Growing up I had tons of toys, way too many toys. Everytime I went somewhere with anyone in my family I got something, even the grocery store.  My husband on the other hand had more frugal parents who did not spoil him with toys.  We decided early on that our kids would not be the needy, grabby demanding kind and it’s worked for the most part because we don’t watch the shows that make them want the stuff.

Even my sons Christmas list is always generic and short- a fire truck, a digger and that’s it.  I mean no name brands, it’s not 40 pages long. 

I’m hoping that it will always be this way.  We are trying to teach our kids to value money and make smart choices, only time will tell.


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