Girly Girl

As soon as I found out I was preggers with baby #1 I ordered an American Girl catalog.  I grew up with dolls and dollhouses and was a bit too old when American Girl came out, but I knew someday I would have an excuse to purchase one- a daughter.  As time went on I thought about how I felt like I would be better with a boy and I was pulling for a boy and low and behold baby #1 was a boy. My husband was estatic, I was estatic.  I didn’t know anything about boys, but I figured trucks and trains and cute blue clothes and sports and I was good to go.  I also assumed this would be our only child. Then my best friend had a daughter four months later and I knew I would buy all my girl stuff for her.

Time passed and we decided baby #1 needed a sibling and then we found out baby #2 was a girl.  Then the floodgates opened.  I got all my best friends daughters old clothes, I was buying dolls, doll toys, dollhouses and anything girly at yard sales.  My grandmother gave me my old dolls from childhood and I was so excited. The clothes, tea sets, frilly things, barrettes- all things girly I could hardly wait. My baby girl is now a toddler and we are slowly getting into some of the things I’ve been collecting for her.  But at the same time she will contently play with her brothers trucks and cars. I am still stuck between which American Girl doll I will end up buying her.  I wish I could buy them all but my husband would not be impressed. 30 min moms blog challenge- last one 😦


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